Installing new rear struts on a 97+ ES300

I did it myself in about 3 hours, but that is because I had to hunt around for stuff.

Tools you'll need:


Remove the rear seat by hand.  There are 2 clips in the front that must come up, then the whole thing comes right out.

Remove the back seat by taking out the bolts seen here.

Pry up the seatbelt guides by inserting a flat head screwdriver and turning it.  Be careful not to break them.

Now that you got the back seat out, you can pull back the sound insulation and see the top 3 strut bolts.

They are small, but feisty.  Make sure you have a good long 6 point socket to get them loose, you don't want to strip them.

Remove the Electronic control (if applicable) by inserting a small screwdriver into the clip part and pull.

Do the same to the passenger side.


Loosen all the supported hoses on the strut, because it's about to come out now.

I believe they are 10mm bolts, they come right out if you soak them in WD-40

Keep removing...

Don't forget the bolt on the inside fender wall.

Use an allen wrench to support the middle while you turn from the outside.  It's a tough one so soak w/ WD-40.

Now on to the best part.  The removal of the two strongest bolts on your car, the main strut bolts.  They

are really on there, so you're probably going to have to use a big cheater bar, soak them in WD-40, smack

the cheater bar w/ the sledge hammer, and knaw at them with your teeth to get them off, but once you do,

you'll be happy because that's the last step.

Here I am making it look like I just unscrewed it with my fingers.

Lower the jack down and remove the strut

make sure the brake cables don't snag.

Once you're ready to install the new strut, be sure you have put the lock-tite on every bolt.  You don't want

them coming loose!

Good luck.